Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to recover deleted photos from microsd card

"Last week, I went to visit my friend and her newly born baby at her home. I took many photos of the cute baby and was planning to share with my other friends through Facebook. But when I got home and connected my Micro SD card with my computer, something unknown happened and the microsd card are empty, all photos are deleted! If anyone who knows how to recover deleted photos from Micro SD card, please let me know."

Nowadays, most digital devices such as many smartphones and digital cameras are using Micro SD cards to extend storage capacity. So users can save as much as pictures, video files, music files, etc on the device. This fact makes this tiny storage device become more and more popular among users around the world. However, with the widely use, unexpected data loss disaster happens more frequently. Even you take every precaution to avoid the accident, it may still happen. In this case, Micro SD card photo recovery software becomes quite important for you to rescue your important pictures.

Here's a useful MicroSD card photo recovery solution

How to recover photos from microsd card

Micro SD card photo recovery software can recover deleted, formatted, corrupted or lost pictures, images, photos, videos from Micro Secure Digital card. It has a easy to follow interface and allows you to easily recover files from micro SD memory card. It supports all popular brands including SanDisk, Kingston, PNY, Lexar, Transcent, PQI and more.

Tips for avoiding data being overwritten:

Stop using or write new data on the Micro SD card immediately before you retrieve all your data completely.
Try microsd card photo recovery software to recover lost pictures and other files as soon as possible.
Note: If the Micro SD card cannot be read as a drive letter in "My Computer" after it is connected, an USB SD card reader may be needed. Some latest computers have such card reader built in.

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